My Story

I am a stay-at-home to two adorable girls.  While I absolutely LOVE staying home with them, I also realized that I needed to do something for ME.  Something that gave me a sense of pride & accomplishment, something that allowed me to get out of the house and meet new people in my town, and something that I truly believed in & used every day in my home.   I started buying Scentsy when my eldest was born.  I loved candles but did not feel comfortable burning them in my home after she was born.  Scentsy was the perfect alternative!  There is no wick, no flame, no soot or lead.  The product smells wonderful but is safe to use around my children.  The warmers don't get near as hot as candles, there is no fire hazard, plus the warmers are beautiful & match the decor of my home perfectly!  And with a life time guarantee on their products, Scentsy was an obvious choice for me! I started selling Scentsy in April 2011 and am amazed at my accomplishments in 4 years with this wonderful company!  Because of Scentsy, I'm a successful business owner & leader, have confidence, inspire others, help change lives, have the best customers, hosts, team and sponsors, get paid to party with amazing products, no longer live paycheck to paycheck, get to stay home with my two girls BUT also get to do something for ME, have been on an all expense paid trip to the Dominican Republic & New York, and so much more! My amazing team is 126 STRONG & growing daily!  I'm blown away, thankful beyond measure, and would LOVE for YOU to join my awesome team! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you with one of the best products I have PERSONALLY used and love! <!--endbody-->